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FNU47 Palikite komentarą Report by: Gianluca Upė Di Caro Leiskite face it, with the amount of column inches dedicated to Mayweather-Pacquiao over the past few weeks, you could easily be forgiven thinking that there were no other boxing events that took tupperware svorio netekimas on May 2II.

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When the event was announced it was due svorio netekimas Edmontonas feature fourteen bouts, but immediately after May-Pac was announced a significant number of the bouts were cancelled, as the fighters wanted to be ringside in Vegas, then in the final build up further fights were off the card, due to injuries, leaving a seven card fight show on the night, or was it.

It took Agadzhanyan just forty five seconds to send Redlich to the canvas for the first time and uždegti svorio metimą the same again to put him down a second time.

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Redlich was plain outclassed so no surprise that when he went down for the third time that referee Ken Curtis decided to call a halt to proceedings on the two minute and twenty five seconds mark. Economides is another class act, so no surprise that Gyna was on the canvas within just thirty seconds, on the restart Gyna decided that attack is the best form of defense, however in taking the fight to Economides he played straight into his hands, literally as Economides punished him with a big right, that sent the Czech down to the canvas for a second and final time, on the one minute and twenty five second mark.

После истории с «Попрыгунчиком» всякий раз, когда Мидж казалось, что происходит что-то подозрительное, она сразу же превращалась из кокетки в дьявола, и, пока не выясняла все досконально, ничто не могло ее остановить. - Мидж, скорее всего это наши данные неточны, - решительно заявил Бринкерхофф.

Ever the joker, Meikle played down the punishment he was taking, happily playing to the crowd, as well as infuriating his opponent, by pulling faces and insinuating that there was no power in the Turkish lads shots, however by the fact that Meikle had toned down his antics, clearly showed that Ozgul shots were indeed having the desired effect.

Meikle toned down the playfulness of his tactics even further in the fifth, as Ozgul stepped up his attacks, putting even more power into his shots.

Gali buvo tik penkios kovos, po tiek Australijos Pierre Rudos nuostolių, kas nepavyko gauti vizą laiko konkuruoti dėl WBU Tarptautinė Sunkiojo pavadinime, ir JK pačių Stevenas Bendall, kurio priešininkas sumažėjo per paskutinę minutę, Bet gerbėjai, įskaitant tuos, kurie keliavo visą kelią žemyn iš Birmingemas, Parama Antonio Counihan, ir Bradfordo, remti Tasif Khan, turi manė, kad verta, kaip tai buvo tikrai įsimintina naktis bokso. Nuo off buvo Vosyka imtis kontroliuoti proceso, Čekijos kovotojas stilingai dominavo pradžioje atidarymo turo, darbo ne savo galinga kairėje smaigstyti išlaikyti Hillyard saugiu atstumu. HILLYARD, buvo daugiau nei turinio bide savo laiką, kaip Vosyka persikėlė aplink žiedą brūkštelėjimas savo smaigstyti ne Hillyard kuo greičiau jis padarė bet kokį žingsnį uždaryti atstumą. Nesupraskite manęs klaidingai Hillyard padarė žemę keletą kadrų anksti, bet tai buvo ne iki maždaug antro-ąją minutę, kad Essex berniukas sugebėjo padaryti jokios realios įtakos, bet kai jis padarė tai buvo su vienu iš savo prekių ženklų teisė rankų exocets, fantastinis kulka, kad beveik nenusileido čekų jo dainos. Be blykstės Hillyard tegul RIP tuo sutriktų Vosyka su stulbinamo dvigubo ranka užpuolimą siųsti jį žemyn į drobės.

Right from the start of the sixth it was clear that Ozgul was intent on punishing Meikle even further, backing the Scunthorpe man onto the ropes before letting rip with big double handed flurries, one of which, a cracking body shot, literally knocking the wind out of Meikle and forcing him to take to one knee. On the restart Ozgul went in for the finish, this time Meikle went defensive, no further playing to the crowd, to see it through to the final bell.

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After six highly entertaining rounds Referee Ken Curtis scored the bout in favour of Ozgul. Khan started fast, boxing beautifully behind his jab the Bradford man kept his slightly more experienced foe on the back foot for the majority of the bout.

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By midway point Khan slowed the pace slightly, at the same time keeping the pressure on Soloninkini, however about midway through the sixth, during a routine exchange Khan was a little slow bringing up his gloves, leaving an opening for the Georgian to let rip with a big right, which sent Khan to the canvas.

On the restart Soloninkini went full out in attack, Khan remained calm and got behind his jab again, the Georgian was well hyped and continued to come forward at pace before throwing huge bombs.

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During these skirmishes Khan sensibly grabbed hold until referee Lee Jaunas jeezy prarasti svorio issued the order break. This tactic worked and Khan was able to clear his head enough to turn control back round to himself.

Khan had his hands full for the final three rounds though, as Soloninkini had the bit between his teeth and was pushing hard, however Khan is a cool character and seemed content to box of the back foot each time the Georgian made a forceful foray. After ten rounds of excellent boxing, the judges scorecards read — Jaunas jeezy prarasti svorio CurtisObie Garnett Matt Hamiltonasall in favour of Tasif Khan.

When these two first fought, back in October last year, it was an out and out war, Ozgul won but the rounds were so close it could have been a very different result.

Šiuo metu jis yra geriausias plaukikas pasaulyje, bet niekas nerūpi.

The shot to the body must have really hurt Scriven as he seemed more intent on defense, rather than full on attack, from the start of the second, a pattern that remained for the rest of the bout.

Ozgul made most of the running throughout, however Scriven more than held his own during the many skirmishes that ensued, although have to admit he was a little more cautious than during the opening round. After ten rounds of superb boxing the judges scorecards were read out — Lee Murtagh and Matt Hamilton scored the bout and Obie Garnett all in favour of Siar Ozgul.

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All in jaunas jeezy prarasti svorio I thoroughly enjoyed the event, especially the final three bouts, however I was a bit disappointed that some of the planned fights, such as those featuring Iain Weaver, Antonio Counihan, Mark Prince, George Hillyard and the aforementioned Marianne Marston, failed to materialize, because to my mind if they had taken place I feel this almost certainly would have been one of the best shows at York Hall this year, as it was it still was a highly enjoyable and entertaining evening of pugilistic action and a fitting prelude to the May-Pac fight, which promoters Mark Lyons and Billy James-Elliott arranged for the boxers, their teams and attendees of the event to watch live via satellite at a private function room.

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